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SEA Electric opens EV facility in Melbourne

Australian automotive technology company, SEA Electric, has opened a new facility in Melbourne to bolster its electric vehicle production capabilities.

The new location is 13 Advantage Drive, Dandenong South.

SEA Electric has developed a proprietary electric driveline technology for the commercial vehicle sector, with five SEA-Drive drivetrains targeted at electrifying the distribution vehicle segment from delivery vans to 23.5-tonne Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) 6x4 rubbish/agitator vehicles.

SEA Electric Group Managing Director, Tony Fairweather, said the SEA-Drive technology is unique in a number of ways.

“It has been developed on flexible architecture, allowing both the optimisation of the energy consumption for each sub-system, like air conditioning, while also allowing a framework upon which new developments in sub-system hardware can be introduced and adapted in the future. 

“This results in a ‘live’ system, whereby continuous improvement is possible, which ultimately de-risks the purchasing decision for fleet buyers,” he said – adding that mid-mounted batteries provide optimised vehicle balance and future-proofing against expected side impact legislation. “An on-board charger removes the need for external charging infrastructure which is one of the most contentious purchasing issues with EVs. Our SEA-Drive system only requires a standard three-phase, 32A power point to charge, which are readily available in commercial properties around the world and can be installed anywhere at very little cost.  We therefore have the largest charging network in the world, as already established.”

Last year, metropolitan freight specialist, Kings Transport and SEA Electric officially put Australia on the global electric mobility map with the delivery of nine fully electric vehicles.

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