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Sensor-activated speed signs operating in VIC

The use of Side Road Activated Speed technology is set to improve road safety on the Glenelg Highway in Victoria.

The Side Road Activate Speed signs, which are now in place, use sensors to detect vehicles approaching on a side road, temporarily reducing the speed limit from 100 km/h to 70km/h.

The reduced speed limit is reported to remain active until there are no more vehicles waiting to turn.

According to Roads Minister, Jaala Pulford, the change will improve safety by giving drivers waiting on side roads more opportunity to enter the highway, while also providing drivers on the highway with more time to react if side traffic fails to give way.

Pulford said the use of Side Road Activated Speed technology at intersections in New Zealand had reduced serious and fatal crashes by 89 per cent.

“In the past five years, 70 per cent of fatal intersection crashes in regional Victoria happened on high-speed roads,” said Pulford. “Intersections in regional areas have a greater risk due to higher travel speeds, particularly where minor side roads meet main roads.”

The upgrade is part of the governments $1.4 billion Towards Zero Action Plan, which aims to reduce the number of lives lost on Victorian roads to 200 or fewer, and decrease serious injury by 15 per cent by 2020.

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