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SGS Logistics celebrates second anniversary

Victorian logistics operation, SGS Logistics, is celebrating two years in business, reporting substantial fleet growth.

According to SGS Logistics, the fleet has grown substantially as the current rolls outs brings the fleet to 70 permanently placed vehicles, up from 26 vehicles this time last year.

"Whilst surviving two years is an achievement in itself for any new business, we can honestly say here at SGS that we are thriving," the company said.

According to SGS Logistics, the fleet growth is validation of its strategy to improve driver quality by "giving them a bigger slice of the pie".

"For those waiting for us to gather proof points before giving us a go, we now have plenty," the company said.

SGS Director, Luke Sadler explained the concept to Prime Mover when celebrating its first anniversary in 2016.

"We’re of the view that the transport industry at large has moved away from good old fashioned customer service and treating drivers in a way that reflects their importance to the business," Sadler said.

"Whilst there are some exceptions to this, overall our combined 25 years experience in the industry has given us this view.

"So we see our point of difference as being a customer focussed business that pays drivers better than the market rate and treats them in a way that makes them feel appreciated and respected. Sounds simple and like something everyone should be doing, but they’re not."

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