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Shell’s Starship is due to launch next year

Multinational oil and gas company, Shell, has reportedly announced in September that its Starship Initiative, a futuristic concept truck, will be completed soon and could perform a cross-country efficiency test run by 2018 first quarter, according to Commercial Carrier Journal.

AirFlow Truck Company Chief Designer, Bob Sliwa, and Shell have said that the Starship Initiative will combine current technologies to reportedly create the most efficient truck in the world, as measured by freight tonne efficiency.

Shell Rotella Technology Manager, Bob Mainwaring, has reportedly said that the company obsessed with the aerodynamic shape design to halve the aero drag of the vehicle while also using carbon fibre for the cab, which is ‘ridiculously light’.

“We’re using technologies available today to design an energy-efficient truck capable of reducing energy usage associated with goods transport in a material way,” said Wainwaring. “The main aim of the Starship is to attempt to minimise the amount of energy it takes to transport a load of cargo from Point A to Point B.”

The truck will run on diesel and its designers opted for a Cummins X15 engine paired with a custom Eaton transmission.

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