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Small businesses praise Isuzu tippers

Niche building business, Evolution Construction, has purchased an Isuzu NLR 200 tipper to carry out its operations in the high-end home renovation sector.

Evolution, based out of Kellyville Ridge, New South Wales, is using the NLR 200 Tipper, which was customised to fit a toolbox between the tray and cabin, to carry soil and rubbish.

According to Director Andrew Cagnacci, the NLR allows for a superior turning circle, which is advantageous when handling varying environments.

Evolution offers original design options and re-models bespoke interiors for homeowners looking to update an exclusive townhouse or turn-of-the-century manor. With his company assigned jobs in the inner city and rural estates, Cagnacci is pleased with how the NLR 200 adapts to various conditions.

“I can get into tight places but still have the capacity to carry out large scale construction,” said Cagnacci. “Most importantly, I can do it all in a comfortable truck.”

Bullet Proof Roofing, a Wollongong-based small business, established in 2011, has recently acquired an Isuzu NLR 45-150 tipper. Director Mark Snell uses it to deliver his insulation, timber and remove the rubbish from his worksites. It is reportedly the first new vehicle he has purchased and, if he had his time over, he said he would have no hesitation in making the same purchase, again.

“The Isuzu’s great to drive,” said Snell.

“It has a very good turning circle and it thrives with a full load.

“I owned an older tipper before that had pins and they either bent upwards or snapped off completely whereas everything on the Isuzu is built to last.

“I know first-hand that you can tell a business’ quality from the warranty it offers. Isuzu had the right price and an extensive warranty to match,” he said.

(Image: Evolution Construction Director, Andrew Cagnacci.)

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