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South Eastern freeway approved for widening ahead of increased freight movements

A third lane has been approved on the South Eastern Freeway in Adelaide to ease traffic congestion and improve safety according to the South Australian Government.

The announcement comes as new developments in the Adelaide Hills at Mount Barker and Murray Bridge will add excessive commuter and commercial transport movements to the 54,000 vehicles that already use sections of the road between Crafers and Stirling daily.

The $14.2 million project, jointly funded by the Morrison and Marshall Governments, will involve conversion of the existing emergency lanes into full time traffic lanes and infrastructure to support the installation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

Delivery of a non-stop three lane managed motorway to improve traffic flow on the freeway will help alleviate bottlenecks according to Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack.

“The Federal Liberal and Nationals Government has a role and responsibility to help build productivity for people in regions, and understand the importance of getting people home sooner and safer,” he said.

“This project will also help to reduce the number of accidents, stabilise motorway speeds during periods of high demand and reduce driver frustration,” said McCormack.

According to South Australian Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll the project was one of several important infrastructure collaborations between the Federal and State Governments.

“The third lane on the South Eastern Freeway in each direction between Crafers and Stirling will help ease traffic congestion and reduce travel times for the 54,000 motorists using this section of the freeway every day," he said.

“This important upgrade will also improve the passage of freight between South Australia and the eastern states as 10 per cent of the traffic using the freeway are heavy vehicles.”

Works incorporated in the upgrades include Automated incident detection using Video Automated Incident Detection technology, CCTV, road shoulder widening in both directions and improved road lighting and drainage.

An Invitation to Supply (ITS) has been released this week inviting two companies to tender for the Intelligent Transportation Systems part of the project.

The successful applicants will then be invited to progress the design and construction of the ITS solution and then work with select construction companies on a tender to deliver the construction works later in the year.

The Federal Liberal and Nationals Government will allocate $7.1 million to the project, around half of the cost.

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