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Study shows diesel and natural gas engines continue to dominate American market

Diesel and natural gas engines are still proving popular compared to electric commercial vehicles according to a report from the Americas Commercial Transportation (ACT) research and Rhein Associates.

The North American On-highway CV Engine Outlook report analyses historical trends, current activity and forecasts engine demand in on-highway commercial vehicles. It analysed significant trends in engine displacement, engine type (diesel, natural gas, gasoline, and other), captive and non-captive engines, and premium versus non-premium power for Class 8 vehicles.

Rhein associates is a supplier of powertrain information to worldwide clients to assist business decisions and marketing plans.

“Telsa and Nikola continue to grab headlines, and Mack garnered a few in the past three months, as well, with their Catenary e-Highway demonstration,” said president of Rhein Associates Tom Rhein.

“EV efforts aren’t the only engine developments making news. OEMs continue to unveil efficiencies in diesel offering also aimed as emission reductions,” he said.

Mr Rhein said his company were paying close attention to EPA regulations as well as local regulations.

“According to the California Air Resources Board (CARB), there are now more than 20 manufacturers offering 60 eligible models of hybrid, low-NOx, and zero-emission trucks and buses. The growing number of product offerings, continually changing requirements, and constantly developing technologies make this a very exciting and very fluid time for the NA commercial vehicle, and particularly the power source, industry,” he said.

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