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Tasmania Government tests programs to lower fleet emissions

In Tasmania the State Government has commenced testing two Smarter Fleet Programs.

Aimed at reducing the transport emissions of Tasmanians, the programs will target heavy vehicles and electric vehicles in Local Government.

The programs have been launched to improve Tasmania’s heavy vehicle fleet efficiency, reduce fuel costs and promote the uptake of electrical vehicles in Local Government.

Tasmania’s transport sub-sector is currently responsible, according to a government release, for the highest greenhouse gas emissions of all sub-sectors of the State’s economy, with vehicle fleet costs remaining a significant expense for Tasmanian Government, local government and private sector fleets.

A series of workshops have been scheduled to provide information starting tomorrow.

The Sebel in Launceston will host the workshop for the Smarter Fleets Program – Heavy Vehicles which will be held on Tuesday 24 July, 12.30 – 2.30pm.

Two workshops for the Smarter Fleets Program – Electric Vehicles in Local Government will be held on:

• Tuesday 31 July in Launceston; and
• Thursday 2 August in Hobart.

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