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TCA announces updated telematics specification

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) has released an update to the Telematics In-Vehicle Unit (IVU) Functional and Technical Specification.

Telematics IVUs, be they built into a vehicle or fitted aftermarket, are increasingly used as a technical and communications ‘hub’ within vehicles by connecting multiple systems and devices, while supporting numerous applications.

TCA’s latest update (Version 3) of the Telematics IVU Functional and Technical Specification reflects current and emerging developments and anticipates disruptive influences which continue to shape the open technology market.

Version 3 of the Specification also draws upon TCA’s operational experience in managing applications administered through the National Telematics Framework.

“Since it was introduced in 2013 the Telematics IVU Functional and Technical Specification has become an essential reference for providers and consumers of telematics services,” said a TCA spokesperson.

“Providers have benefitted from having a nationally-agreed set of performance requirements to guide the development of devices to meet the demands of producers and consumers using the Framework.”

“Furthermore, consumers have used the Specification to benchmark existing technologies fitted to their vehicles, and to make better-informed decisions when procuring new telematics devices.”

With the latest update, TCA has been able to identify areas of the Specification where requirements can be made less stringent, without compromising performance-based outcomes which relate to robustness, accuracy, reliability, tamper evidence, data storage and security.

Importantly, Version 3 of the Specification enables all applications, features and levels of assurance available through the National Telematics Framework to co-exist, including new applications and features contained in the approved business case presented to the Transport and Infrastructure Council in November 2018.

The approved business case contains 16 initiatives, including enhancements which relate specifically to the Level 3 assurance Intelligent Access Program (IAP) application, to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

It also incorporates new applications of the National Telematics Framework, including the Road Infrastructure Management (RIM) application (Level 1 assurance) and ‘IAP Lite’ application (Level 2 assurance).

Other new features which can be used across applications of the National Telematics Framework include turn-by-turn navigation and restricted access vehicle route guidance.

“It is significant that there are now over 45,000 heavy vehicles fitted with TCA-recognised Telematics IVUs, which support applications and functions of the National Telematics Framework – the government-endorsed, digital business platform for telematics and related intelligent technologies,” said the spokesperson.

“TCA is happy to assist providers and consumers to understand the updates contained in Version 3 Telematics IVU Functional and Technical Specification.”

A copy of Version 3 of the Specification can be obtained by visiting TCA’s website.


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