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Teletrac Navman continues support for Trucking Australia in 2019

The Australian Trucking Association’s (ATA) Trucking Australia conference runs from 3-5 April and returns with a renewed focus on safe driving infrastructure, including rest stops, fatigue management and proactive regulation. This year, ATA technology partner Teletrac Navman will continue its support and host a range of sessions tackling a ‘big issue’ currently taking place in transport, to create safe solutions for everyone on Australian roads.

Tackling the big issues
Teletrac Navman continues its annual involvement with the conference and will support a range of sessions in the Trucking Australia Collaboration Space – where drivers, managers and decision makers are invited to work together to solve prominent transport challenges. The space will host collaborative sessions tackling issues such as poor rest stop infrastructure, a lack of road access and fatigue management.

Teletrac Navman will also host a follow up session with FatigueHACK 2018 winners Augmented Intelligence and runners up GlobalWhere, to discuss development of their technology, which includes a smart steering wheel and wearable band designed to tackle fatigue issues proactively by tracking movement and heart rate. These teams will share the progress they’ve made since 2018, as well as their plans for the future.

Collaborating for the future
In the collaboration space, the first session sponsored by Teletrac Navman will focus on building a better fatigue system for all drivers, acknowledging the current and complicated state of fatigue management regulation. Participants will discuss work and rest hours, monitoring and electronic work diaries, and accreditation, to determine how to build a better system across states. This offers up ideas and alternatives on how to build a better system across all states and territories.

In another collaborative session hosted by Teletrac Navman on better road access, consulting operators and drivers about what’s stopping them from increasing productivity and how current legislation can adapt to keep up. Permit application processes will be a core talking point during this discussion.

The final session is a collaboration with Transport Certification Australia and will focus on rest area infrastructure and ask drivers how they could be designed better in the future. Within this discussion, participants will be asked to build the ‘perfect’ rest stop, including describing their physical layout, opportunities for technology, where they should be located, and what facilities should be included.
“Trucking Australia is a forum where the industry can really come together and tackle the issues head on,” says Andrew Rossington, Vice President – Transport Solutions, Teletrac Navman.

“It’s one of our favourite events of the year and Teletrac Navman is proud to continue our support for the event this year.

“Fatigue, access and poor rest stops are key issues where the industry is currently falling short, and we need to have these conversations to move the industry forward. If we work together, we can create a safer industry - not just for heavy vehicle drivers but for everyone on our roads.”

Sponsored by Teletrac Navman.

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