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The Fix is in: NTI invests in premium repairer network

Every minute your truck is off the road is a minute it’s not making money.  That can spell trouble for any business. NTI has heavily invested and continues to invest in its own ‘Accident Assist’ and ‘Premium Repairer’ national networks.

The immediate response to an accident often sets the tone for all the actions that follow.

NTI has its own locally dedicated call centre solution and an incident response team which has access to its National Heavy Vehicle Towing and Recovery network.

It consists of 35 tow operators with 376 heavy units.

“We’ve got long-term tow partners who know how to influence what happens, control costs and clean up a job,” says Richard Gibson, NTI Manager – Repairer Network and Technical. “Some of them have been partners since 2002, so there’s a lot of trust and a lot of confidence.”

Participation in the program involves partners undergoing internal training, regular reviews and adopting agreed standards to ensure quality and consistency so that partners can reduce costs and turnaround times all while remaining fully compliant with safety and regulatory standards.

When an incident occurs and Accident Assist is notified, NTI will immediately dispatch, from its national towing network, a representative and/or the necessary resources to scene, where they will either manage the scene or assist emergency services where able.

While this is unfolding it is crucial to recover and transport the vehicle to a place of repair and attend to its load.

At the same time other processes are at play with the call centre communicating with drivers, their families and businesses so they are all kept in the loop.

The national network of Premium Repairers, according to Richard, have the advantage of starting all NTI jobs the moment they roll through the door of the repairer.

The ability to start a job straight away reduces time off road by days and sometimes weeks.

“We’ve seen cases where two trucks are involved in an accident, and our Premium Repairers get their truck repaired and back on the road before the other vehicle has even been assessed,” he says.

“It’s an unreal advantage.”
That’s not to say that the work is rushed or substandard – far from it. NTI has worked with its repair partners to create a set of standards to make sure both sides are clear on what is needed, and both sides can deliver the highest level of standards available to industry with a focus on professionalism and safe truck repairs.

NTI’s own Repair Managers really focus on the repair process and relationship with its repair network to make sure the claims experience is class leading. NTI and its Premium Repairer network constantly review the requirements to complete a heavy vehicle repairs.

Processes, equipment and trade personnel are always improving to provide the ultimate service to the client. On average, repairs are completed six days faster than other insurers can manage.

This helps protect the insured businesses from undue disruption and loss of earnings.

Whether it’s fuel, milk or livestock, clean-ups can be costly when trucks have an accident and spill the load. NTI’s Accident Assist program also provides its own Incident Response Team.

In these situations, NTI can provide clarity and comfort to both the insured and business that remediation of the incident scene is under control. The team works with its localised network service providers with good local knowledge to get the best possible results.

“They’re special guys with that exceptional drive to get the job done. They know what government experts – EPA, police, fire, ambulance, local, state and federal governments – require and they know how to comply, so they’re not adding cost or complexity to the process,” Richard says.

To pass the best experience onto the customer in a time of need, NTI is focused on running a reliable, efficient and highly trusted tow and repairer network.

It’s an approach, according to Richard, that pays dividends, helping NTI make accurate and timely decisions on repairs and write-offs.

“It’s all about protecting your livelihood,” Richard says. “The best thing we can do for our customers is get them back on the road, with a fully repaired vehicle, as efficiently and as little inconvenience
as possible.”

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