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TIC calls for safety rethink

The Truck Industry Council (TIC) has joined calls for a greater push from government and industry stakeholders for improved road safety measures.

The TIC is a representative body of 17 truck brands in Australia, supporting Toll Group Managing Director, Michael Byrne’s call to action to incentivise Australian truck operators to invest in newer, safer and more sustainable vehicles.

TIC President and Chief Operating Officer of Isuzu Trucks Australia, Phil Taylor, has dismay at the results, and called for the Government to prioritise in the 2018/19 federal budget the modernisation of Australia’s truck fleet.

“Increasing the take-up rate of today’s more advanced trucks means everyone benefits from our roads being populated with safer fleets,” said Taylor.

“Having been around trucks and the Australian road transport industry since the late seventies, I can verify that significant improvements have been made in regard to truck and road safety,” he said.

In 2017, the average age of the Australian truck fleet was 14.9 years, and with the national freight task continually expanding, this figure is set to rise, according to the TIC. It has reported that 42 per cent of the nation’s truck fleet was manufactured before 2003 meaning that these trucks are missing many of the safety technologies that come as standard on a truck sold in 2017.

“The choice is not whether Australia uses trucks – they’re essential to our standard of living – the choice is whether we have the most modern fleets possible,” said Taylor.

“Australia can have safer trucks on the road, or we can continue with an older fleet.

“TIC believes the implementation of an incentivised system, which rewards safe and modern fleets, is the most proactive and cost-effective mechanism for lowering Australia’s road toll,” he said.

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