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T&M Heavy Mechanical and Site Services set to celebrate ten years

Western Australian family business T&M Heavy Mechanical and Site Services is reaping the rewards of diversifying its business after expanding into road haulage as it nears a milestone.

Run by the husband and wife team of Tim and Melissa Bowman, the business will mark its tenth anniversary later this year operating out of Bunbury and Port Hedland.

Specialising in heavy mechanical repairs it runs 18 prime movers and 50 trailer combinations transporting wood chips, logs, grain, lime and fertiliser.

Bowman said it was one of the most diversified operations in the freight moving sector in Western Australia.

“To have mechanical, air conditioning, auto electrical services, road transport – there’s not too many around like that and then there’s the variety of things we can haul based on the diversity of our fleet, from walk-in floor trailers, to tippers and bulk tippers, and then interlock trailers,” he said.

Earlier this year T&M expanded from its home base in Bunbury to Port Hedland where it now evenly splits its business between mechanical repairs and maintenance and commercial road transport.

The operation employs a total of 35 staff with 16 truck drivers.

Bowman grew up in Tasmania where he trained as a heavy diesel mechanic before moving to WA at the age of 19.

T&M supplies mechanics on labour hire contracts to some of the mines in the Pilbara region.

As the mines run 24/7 operations, T&M accommodates the same timeframes and relies on having access to parts promptly to meet the demand.

A long time Truckline customer, T&M, according to Bowman runs a business on quality service and expert advice.

He recently returned from the annual conference of the Livestock and Rural Transport Association of Western Australia (LRTAWA), in Busselton where the main themes this year were rollover prevention, Northlink and Safety Bay transport projects and industry cohesion.

Bowman works across all aspects of the business from truck repairs and operating vehicles for haulage work. His wife Melissa keeps the accounts and runs the admin side of T&M.

“I grew up around the industry – my father and uncles operated or owned trucks and machinery – so when I left school I was never going to do anything else," he said.

"But I could never have envisaged the business we have today and the way it’s expanded and grown in so many different directions. Never in a million years.”

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