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Tobco talks Isuzu trucks

New South Wales–based electrical infrastructure company, Tobco, has a specialised fleet of 20 Isuzu trucks to manage its civil engineering works.

Tobco Joint Managing Director, Glen O’Brien, told Isuzu that over the past five years the business has completed over 300 projects ranging from $10,000 to $10 million.

“We’ve worked on the NorthConnex, WestConnex (Sydney road projects), Northern Beaches hospital upgrades as well as Metro and B-Line transport projects, many of which include distribution power work such as utility relocation and the installation of high voltage feeder cables,” he said.

The Tobco fleet features the Isuzu NLR 200, NPR 45-155, FTR 900, FTS 750, FRR 500, FYX 1500 and a recently purchased FYX 350.

The FYX 350, reportedly nicknamed ‘Big Freddie’ after O’Brien’s son, was spec’d as a multi-application truck and fitted with a 395-6S Effer Crane by body builder, Obieco Industries.

“The crane has been set up with specialised hydraulics, which allows us to pluck and place power poles for existing power lines,” said O’Brien. “We can also attach augur equipment to the crane, so we can drill holes with the crane itself.”

Tobco’s FTR 900 has been built as a hook-bin truck.

“It can easily get into tight spaces to deliver excavators or multiple bins to and from a site, which is perfect for our operation,” said O’Brien.

Civil engineers Glen O’Brien and Sam Turnbull purchased the private company, Tirawley, in 2013, which was eventually renamed Turnbull O’Brien Contracting and then officially renamed Tobco.

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