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Toll Group commences new trial of electric truck

Logistics pacesetter, Toll, has begun real-world evaluations of the latest in electric commercial vehicle technology with the Fuso eCanter.

The truck, operated by a number of drivers out of Toll's Bungarribee express parcel facility, is working across different areas of Sydney, where it is being gauged for its suitability for metropolitan parcel delivery and pick up work.

Carrying parcels and satchels, the eCanter, according to Toll, operates between 7.30am and 6.00pm without requiring a charge in normal operating conditions no different to that of a diesel powered truck.

Completing multi pick up and deliveries to both business and residential customers, the eCanter averages between 98 to 104 kilometres daily, leaving a residual range of 24 to 28 kilometres per day.

The average range for a diesel powered truck working in this application per day is 100 kms.

In urban environments prone to stop start operation the battery range life is estimated to reach 130 kilometres.

Toll confirmed the Fuso eCanter demonstrated excellent acceleration, reaching peak torque from start up with operators, at no time, having to rely on full acceleration.

Total charge time takes under six hours and is completed overnight.

Electric vehicles represent, according to Alan Beacham, Toll Group Executive General Manager Express Parcels, a significant game-changer for the road freight industry.

"We have long identified electrification as an opportunity for Toll in driving greater efficiency and sustainability for our industry, but the main hurdle to date has been the economic case for them," he said.

"In the meantime, this technology continues to progress and this latest trial is one of the ways we remain actively engaged with our partners to support the adoption of electric vehicles across our global fleet," said Beacham.

"Based on the positive feedback so far, we’re particularly pleased by how easily electric vehicles can be integrated into our operations and the seamless experience and boost in comfort this offers our drivers.”

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