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Toyota reveals latest hydrogen fuel cell truck

The latest version of Toyota’s fuel cell electric Class 8 truck has been unveiled. Developed as part of its Project Portal, the heavy vehicle was showcased in Traverse City, Michigan, as part of the recent Center for Automotive Research meeting.

The Beta phase of the project includes a number of upgrades with its range increased to 480 kilometres. It also features a sleeper cab and a fuel cabinet combination that reportedly expands cab space without increasing wheelbase.

The Class 8 truck retains 670 horsepower. With its powertrain based on the Mirai fuel call electric car, Toyota has combined two of its fuel cell stacks and a 12 kWh battery to power the prototype vehicle.

“Our goal with the first truck was to see if it could be accomplished, and we did that,” said Craig Scott, Senior Manager Toyota North America – Electrified Vehicle & Technologies.

“This time we’re looking at commercial viability.”

To date, the Project Portal Alpha Vehicle has logged more than 16,000 kilometres of testing operating out of the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles in California where it will soon be joined by the Beta version.

Developed by Toyota and the ports with the ambition of creating a zero-emissions Class 8 vehicle for short range, drayage duty cycle, the truck is part of the company’s Environmental Challenge 2050 in which it plans on eliminating Co2 emissions from its Toyota Logistics facility at the Port of Long Beach.

Andrew Lund, Chief Engineer Project Portal said the many improvements incorporated into the Beta truck build were based on recommendations from its extensive on-road evaluations.

“We needed to move beyond a proof of concept, which the first truck accomplished, to something that is not only better than the original, but is also more commercially viable,” he said.

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