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Transtex placed in liquidation

The Geelong-based Shane Blakeborough Logistics (SBL) and Transtex Logistics businesses have both been placed into liquidation.

Forensic accounting firm Rodgers Reidy has been appointed to investigate and collect remaining debt from SBL, while Romanis Cant Consulting is liquidating  Transtex.

Both companies are owned by Shane Blakeborough, who reportedly took over the Transtex business in 2014 and merged it with his family business, SBL.

The 75-truck strong fleet will be sold for funds to pay financiers, Rodgers Reidy Director, Matthew Gollant, told CRT News.

"The market is very competitive, and SBL encountered issues with financing obligations. If ex-employees haven’t lodged claims with the government, I encourage them to do so," Gollant said.

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