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Truck sales on track for new record

According to the latest results released by the Truck Industry Council, October sales suggest that 2018 will exceed the previous record year achieved in 2008.

As it stands, combined truck and van sales are on track to pass 40,000 units by close of year.

With most brands tracking well in front on their 2017 results, companies are likely to resist the temptation to bring forward sales that could otherwise be expected in early 2019 for the sake of bragging rights.

The October combined cab chassis, ready to work and prime mover deliveries result of 3,353 is 318 (+10.5 per cent) more than in the previous month of September and is 468 more than for the month of October last year (+16.2 per cent).

The year-to-date accrual at the end of October is 29,534, which is 4,505 more units than in the same period last year (+18.1 per cent).

The Heavy Duty category’s total of 1,398 during October is 210 more than achieved in October 2017 and the year-to-date total is 9,450, which is 2,309 (+24.4 per cent) up on the same ten month total in 2017.

This sort of result removes any questions about the wisdom of the significant investments some have made in local manufacturing facilities or in overseas factories that are building trucks destined for Australia.

Medium Duty truck sales recorded 721 in October which is 69 more than in October last year (+10.6 per cent) and bounced back from September 2018’s 655 which is a month-to-month increase of 10.7 per cent and puts the year-to-date result back on track at 6,807 – up 906 units and 15.3 per cent on the total thus far in 2017.

The Light Duty sector managed to reach 1,234 units during October, which is 50 more than in September (+4.2 per cent) and 189 more than in October last year (+18.1 per cent).

The year-to-date growth for Light Duty is tracking along at 13.6 per cent year-on-year and stands at 10,788 at the end of October.

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