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Trucking convoy demand industry reform

Hundreds of truck drivers have taken to the streets demanding regulation to address road safety issues affecting the commercial road transport industry.

Around 200 trucks traversed the Harbour Bridge in Sydney taking up lanes in both directions before looping around the city centre, while trucks also converged on Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, according to the Transport Workers’ Union (TWU).

Drivers are reportedly demanding an end to pressures associated with working long hours, specifically: skipping mandatory rest breaks and speeding.

TWU National Secretary, Michael Kaine, said the Union has a plan for change that it wants implemented. “We want to make sure that wealthy retailers, manufacturers and oil companies at the top of the supply pay their fair share to make sure their goods are transported safely,” he said – explaining that the TWU aims to put an end to the high numbers of preventable truck crashes. “No truck should be on the road if its brakes are faulty, its tyres are bald or if its load is not strapped down properly. No driver should be forced to work long hours, speed and skip mandatory rest breaks just to make a deadline.”

Owner driver, Tony Mattews, told TWU that the industry needs urgent change to make sure all drivers are safe on the roads.

The convoys follow a December move by the Labor Party to include policy in its platform on a system of Safe Rates to lift standards across the industry.

In other news, Victorian Transport Association (VTA) CEO, Peter Anderson, has reflected on the extent to which the transport industry is embracing reforms to make it safer, more prosperous and attractive to work in.

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