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Turn claims into a commercial opportunity: FreightSafe

The FreightSafe Warranty is a critical and profitable customer retention tool, providing benefits to all parties in the claims process for loss or damage to goods. FreightSafe acts as a Third Party Claims Manager on behalf of its clients and using its proprietary software generates targeted data and identifies areas for operational improvement.

PM: What kind of problems does FreightSafe solve?
FS: Carriers have understandably been reluctant to pay claims for lost and damaged freight, and have used the non-common carrier framework to keep their customers at bay. This unfortunately translates to poor carrier-customer relationships and bad publicity. The FreightSafe Warranty shifts things around by allowing carriers to offer their customers a superior service offering in responding to claims for loss or damage proactively, while actually seeing significant commercial benefit in doing so.

PM: How does this differ from a specialised insurance solution?
FS: The FreightSafe Warranty is not insurance, which is traditionally a cost in a business. Rather it provides a mechanism to manage lost or damaged freight which is structured as a profitable revenue stream. This provides consignors of freight with a solution to lodge claims, where historically they were denied. FreightSafe set up a bespoke program for each carrier to manage their claims and provide ongoing data and analytics on carriers operations.

PM: How do you go about managing all of these claims?
FS: FreightSafe is Australia’s largest claims manager to the transport industry. Acting as an extension of our client’s customer service teams, we engage directly with their customers to resolve claims. Our proprietary technology platforms allow us to manage significant volumes of claims, and still deliver exceptional outcomes, with the majority of claims finalised within seven days or less. We understand that claimants are at a sensitive stage of the relationship when lodging a claim and as a result we provide a white glove service. Our team of claims assessors are highly trained in claims resolution techniques and are supported by 12 software engineers that continue to develop our technology.

PM: What has been the response from the market to the FreightSafe Warranty offering?
FS: The FreightSafe Warranty has been implemented by many of Australia’s most innovative tier 1 and 2 providers. These include Border Express, SCT Logistics, Followmont Transport, COPE Sensitive Freight, Blue Star Global Logistics and dozens of other well-established carriers.

PM: In regard to data and technology can you tell us what FreightSafe is doing in this space?
FS: FreightSafe knows that claims produce not only a commercial opportunity for our customers, but also a wealth of operational data. Using this data, FreightSafe provides their clients with a wide range of reports which allow carriers to identify, manage and improve their own operations. Claims can actually assist carriers in understanding their businesses better. Furthermore, our paperless claims management systems, client portals for reporting and digital claim forms are all part of our standard service. Fastway Couriers, an existing client, had this to say about FreightSafe’s data: “This has empowered us to make informed decisions that have not only benefited our business, but our clients alike”.

PM: So ultimately it’s about the carrier-customer relationship. What feedback have you received on the FreightSafe Warranty from consignors of freight?
FS: Carriers generally have 70 per cent of their customers subscribe to the offering due to the value it offers and the outcomes it generates, thus highlighting the demand from consignors of freight. Through the FreightSafe Warranty, carriers create the ultimate win-win by introducing a solution that improves their bottom line while offering their customers tangible solutions when things go wrong.

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