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TWU slams Uber’s Americanisation of work

Uber’s introduction of tipping on the Uber and UberEats platforms sets a dangerous precedent, according to the Transport Workers’ Union (TWU).

With Uber drivers struggling to achieve fair pay and conditions, the introduction of tipping on the Uber platform will do nothing to fix the problem, TWU claims.

TWU (Queensland Branch) Secretary, Peter Biagini, has slammed Uber for the introduction of tipping in their app platforms.

“Introducing tipping is just another way for Uber to shirk their responsibilities to their workers,” he said.

“Uber drivers have seen their share of the profits that Uber makes consistently shrink, while Uber continues to exploit drivers and riders all over Australia and the world.

“By placing the onus on passengers to top up the wages of drivers, Uber continues to rake in money while drivers are again uncertain in their earnings.

“Uber drivers and riders deserve stability in work and income, and Uber needs to take responsibility instead of palming it off to the end users, the customers.

“What happens when Uber decides to take an even bigger cut of rides and deliveries? Uber needs to take real steps to ensure that their drivers and riders earn a living wage - tipping is not the way.

“This is not America where the working poor live on tips, the Union Movement in Australia has fought for hundreds of years for a minimum wage and fairness at work, and the TWU will always fight these greedy multinationals that try to take that away.”

Earlier this month, the Victorian Government asked for submissions to the Inquiry into the on-demand workforce.

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