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UD adds to Quon range with new 8-litre offer

UD Trucks has debuted a new 8-litre Quon, expanding upon the range it launched in 2017.

Two years on from unveiling its 11-litre Quon, UD confirmed it had continued its focus on heavy duty product with a smaller engine which it anticipates will offer major gains in payload capacity having reduced the weight of the vehicle by 300 kilograms.

UD confirmed the initial offering will come in two models, a CD 6x2 and a CW 6x4.

The New Quon 8-litre is powered by a 360 horsepower, high torque engine that delivers 1428 nM at a range of 1200 to 1600 rpm.

Like its predecessor the New Quon 8-litre safety features include disc brakes, traffic light braking, stability control and lane departure as standard.

UD Trucks Australia Vice President Mark Strambi said the 8-litre continued the reputation that Quon had developed as the best specified heavy duty truck in the Australian market for a Japanese manufacturer

“We’re a Japanese truck maker with a very proud heritage of quality and innovation,” he said.

“We’ve listened to our customers, we’ve taken their feedback and we have wanted to deliver a truck to the market that the industry expects,” said Strambi. “And this is exactly that.”

A media unit, Strambi dubbed an ‘information system’ that provides tyre pressure monitoring and digital and internet radio was also one of the new features on the vehicle.

Speaking to media, he acknowledged UD’s strong dealer network in Australia, where, at current, it was represented by 81 service points nationally with another 24 in New Zealand.

“It’s about products and services being efficient and safer and more productive for our customers,” he said before a handover ceremony for which Followmont Transport CEO Mark Tobin received the first model made available in Australia sight unseen yesterday at Volvo Group Australia headquarters in Wacol, Brisbane.

Operating over 150 UD commercial vehicles, Followmont is one of the biggest UD fleet operators in Australia having begun its relationship with UD 35 years ago.

“I’m very proud to hand over this truck. Thank you for your passion and business,” Strambi told Tobin.

“One thing about UD that comes to mind when I think about UD is the service that it delivers to our business. We never have to worry about it. We put it to work. To be the best what you need is the best. I couldn’t be any happier with the product and thank you UD,” said Tobin.

In related news, UD has committed to the medium duty market with its new Croner.

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