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UD Trucks displays L4 automation

Commercial vehicle manufacturer, UD Trucks, has conducted its first public demonstration of Level 4 (L4) automation for heavy duty trucks at its headquarters in Ageo, Japan, this week.

The course was designed to emulate real-world conditions of heavy duty trucks in confined areas such as ports, factories, warehouses and construction sites, where automation technology will help improve efficiency, safety and productivity.

L4 automation is the final step towards fully-automated transportation, according to UD Trucks, where the driver can give the vehicle full autonomy over every aspect of driving.

The demonstration highlighted automation technologies including GPS (Global Positioning System), radar, Lidar, onboard camera and software which enable such high-precision automation for starting, stopping, slaloming, U-turns and reverse driving.

“UD Trucks is proud to present the first demo of Level 4 automation for heavy-duty trucks,” said UD Trucks Senior Vice President of Technology, Douglas Nakano.

“Today’s demo is a major step toward practical application of this technology by 2020,” he said.

UD Trucks is currently participating in the Japanese government’s highway platooning projects, and will continue to improve the accuracy and safety of automation technologies including vehicle-to-vehicle communications and lane keeping assistance.

As part of the Volvo Group, UD Trucks has access to a wealth of testing data that it uses to improve automation and connectivity technology to suit the unique needs of each customer.

UD Trucks aims to partner with companies across the logistics industry and beyond to build knowledge and refine its technology through a strategy of ‘building knowledge while testing’.

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