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UD Trucks reveals state-of-the-art line up at Motor Show

As it targets mass production of full electric and autonomous trucks by 2030, UD Trucks has unveiled its impressive showcase of innovative technology and vehicles for the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show including the Quon Concept 202X and Hybrid Raijin Electromobility.

The Quon Concept 202X will be intricately connected to its surroundings, including other trucks, infrastructure and people, achieving, according to the Japanese commercial vehicle manufacturer, new levels of efficiency, productivity, safety and sustainability.

Engineering solutions indispensable to the infrastructure of future smart societies must integrate with IoT (Internet of Things) and the Quon Concept 202X will employ various cutting-edge technologies including AI, personalized displays and camera monitoring systems.

The truck has been conceived to connect people to each other, and people to the transportation infrastructure by narrowing the gap between rural and urban, the farm and dinner table.

Takamitsu Sakamaki, President UD Trucks said in a statement people depend on logistics and logistics depend on people.

“We provide innovation for smart logistics by making the trucks the world needs today.That has been our vision since our foundation. We want to help make logistics smarter,” he said.

"We see open innovation and collaboration with stakeholders across different industries as key to creating and implementing innovative solutions.”

Hybrid Raijin Electromobility Demonstrator is a prototype adapted from the heavy duty Quon, designed as a future solution in food warehouse applications that can run purely in electric driving mode as needed.

It will drastically reduce noise and achieve zero emissions.

The Fujin Level 4 Automation Demonstrator, which Prime Mover got an exclusive glimpse of late last year became the vehicle used in August to complete Japan's first Level 4 autonomous heavy vehicle trial on a public road.

The specially adapted heavy-duty Quon employs network-based RTK-GPS (Real Time Kinematic Global Positioning System) combined with autonomous driving technologies such as 3D-LiDAR.

At its exhibit, UD Trucks will also present its latest uptime-improving apps, GH8 engine, Heavy Duty Quester GW prime mover and Heavy Duty Quon GK.

According to a recent study by Boston Consulting Group, there will be a shortage of roughly 240,000 truck drivers in Japan by 2027.

Another study by CBRE Group predicts that the expansion of e-commerce in the US will create demand for over 450,000 new jobs in the logistics industry alone in 2018-19, more than twice the number of industry new hires since 2013.

The 2019 Tokyo Motor Show offers an insight as to how UD Trucks is positioning itself to overcome these challenges.

According to Douglas Nakano, Senior Vice President of Technology, one of the key solutions when we imagine the logistics of tomorrow, will be automation.

"In August this year, we took a big step forward. We aim to offer commercialised autonomous driving solutions in confined areas in 2020,” he said.

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