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VIC Government delivers for tip truck drivers

Tip truck drivers will receive mandatory minimum pay rates under proposed changes to contract arrangements by the Victorian Government.

Pay schedules approved by Transport Industry Council will see tip truck owner-drivers who work on new government contracts receive minimum pay rates for the first time.

Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas announced the changes last week as the Government sought a consistent approach to rates across the tip truck sector as it looked to reduce compromises of safety for all road users.

Better wages and income are expected to reduce economic factors that encourage owner-drivers to engage in unsafe practices like driving for too long without a rest the Government said in a statement.

Mandatory minimum pay rates will be enforced by Government agencies through their contract management processes.

Tim Pallas said it was a significant breakthrough that would make life easier for hard-working owner-drivers.

“Better pay will reduce the incentive to drive long hours just to make ends meet, improving safety for everyone on our roads,” he said.

“We’re ensuring tip truck owner-drivers share in the prosperity our pipeline of construction projects is creating across Victoria.”

“We know that we need to attract more people into the industry and improve standards, that’s why were investing in a review into driver training and standards and working with industry on training programs,” said Luke Donnellan, Minister for Roads.

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