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Visy Logistics driver scores results with Scania Driver Support

A Visy Logistics driver from South Australia is regularly scoring 99 per cent and 100 per cent according to the driver support system on his Scania P 360, a 4x2 curtainsider.

Based in South Australia, Tim Mason, a 40-year veteran behind the wheel, moved to Australia from the UK 10 years ago. For the last nine years he has been working for Visy Logistics, carrying palletised aluminium beer cans and making up to five single-trailer deliveries a day.

Visy has manufactured 1.6 billion aluminium beverage cans in the past two years.

Mason, who rarely scores below 99 per cent on the Scania Driver Support system, said anticipation was key to high-scoring driving.

“Early on I was taught driving consists of three parts: seeing, planning and action,” he said. “If you get your anticipation right, everything else falls into place, and you shouldn’t need to use the service brakes, just the retarder.”

He said the Scania Driver Support system, which prompts closer attention from drivers, was a major factor in improving safety as he viewed it.

“It also has a big impact on the driver score, so you have to work hard to regain the percentage,” he said. “For example if you have a sharp braking event or you forget to switch the retarder to zero. So, you have to be paying attention behind the wheel all the time to get a good score.”

In 2017 Visy Logistics ordered 59 new Scanias for national operation. These comprised 29 P 360 4x2 prime movers, 13 P 440 6x2 prime movers, 15 R 560 V8 6x4 prime movers and two P 310 8x2 rigid and 16 pallet curtainsiders.

Steven Alberse, Scania Australia Fleet Sales Manager said he was pleased Scania was demonstrating the benefits of its Total Transport Solution to Visy Logistics with cost reductions and uptime improvements.

“Visy Logistics took a holistic view of the fleet acquisition, focusing on the safety and efficiency the trucks can provide to their operations around Australia but also looking at maintenance costs and strategies as well as how Scania was able to provide excellent uptime,” he said.

“Now we have the trucks in service we are showing Visy Logistics the reality of Scania backing its products with excellent service.”

Mason, who has been recently rewarded for his continual driving prowess and dedication by his employer, is accustomed to long hours in a truck. He transported tomatoes from the UK to Spain bringing back oranges on the return leg for many years in a single trailer.

According to Mason, the Scania, with its Optimise gear-changing and the retarder, leaves him feeling fresher at the end of the day.

“You do not get out of the Scania aching,” he said.

“It’s a comfortable truck and quiet, and for Visy, safety is very important. If you can see where you are and where the traffic is, you’re going to be safer.”

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