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Visy takes delivery of new Scania P450s as part of trial

Visy Logistics in Melbourne has taken delivery of ten new P 450 6x4 prime movers.

The commercial vehicles are being trialed on a sustainability initiative called Ecolution in which measurables like fuel savings, exhaust emissions and driver performance are tracked.

According to Scania, the 13-litre engines are already among some of the most efficient available in the local market.

The P 450s have been assigned new 26-pallet Krueger tautliner drop deck trailers approved for Performance-Based Standards.

Operating out of the state-of-the-art Truganina facility, the Scanias are being used to delivery recycled materials across Melbourne.

Scania said the Ecolution programme begins with a tailor-made specification of the prime mover, designed exactly to meet the needs of the task.

On delivery, the drivers are put through the Scania driver training programme to fully familiarise themselves with the most efficient and safe way of driving the vehicles.

During the 12-month term of the Ecolution trial follow-up coaching is applied for additional improvements and refinements.

Visy fleet management can monitor vehicle performance and driver application and highlight deviations.

This allows Scania’s driver trainers to keep the Visy drivers performing at peak efficiency levels.

The Scania onboard Communicator and Scania’s global connectivity system has 360,000 vehicles connected.

“Scania Ecolution is a powerful solution producing substantial fuel and CO2 reductions for our customer,” said Richard Bain, Vehicle Connected Driver Services Manager at Scania Australia."

“Scania Ecolution is helping to drive our ambition of providing the market’s most sustainable and profitable transport solutions."

“The process starts by specifying an efficient vehicle for the specific transport operation, and includes our Fleet Management System Control package linked to the Scania contracted maintenance program,” said Bain.

“We then discuss and agree on the fuel/CO2 target with our customer, institute driver training and coaching programmes and ensure the vehicle monitoring directs the unique and individual flexible and preventative maintenance programme for each vehicle.

“In addition to following-up at agreed intervals with the drivers, we also meet with the transport operator’s management team to review the results,” he said.

The programme also includes access to the Scania Fleet App.

With the Driving Profile, the driver can evaluate and improve their driving and can keep track of their daily results.

“By offering Visy Logistics this suite of features through the Ecolution trial we are delivering on our strategy to be a leader in the shift towards a sustainable transport system,” Richard said.

“This is not limited to reducing fuel burn and emissions, but also helping to run the fleet in the most cost-effective way, driving down operating costs per km as well as keeping drivers fully focussed on their personal safety and that of other road users.

For an exclusive feature on the Ecolution trial and Visy Logistics from the current Prime Mover click here.

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