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Volkswagen Truck and Bus to become TRATON Group

Heavy vehicle manufacturer Volkswagen Truck & Bus announced it will change its name to TRATON Group. The shift in branding has been initiated to reflect a younger outlook for the company as it looks to establish an identity in a new era of transportation.

The name change, according to the company, is expected to take effect in the third quarter of 2018.

Established brands such as Scania and MAN will retain their identities under the TRATON umbrella.

Andreas Renschler, CEO, Volkswagen Truck & Bus Group said the new name of TRATON represented a milestone in the company’s journey to become a major player across the international transport industry.

“Since our foundation, we have grown together faster than expected,” he said.

“TRATON provides us with more independence.”

“It will further strengthen our Group’s joint identity and uniqueness. The new name will also foster our visibility as the leading Group for innovative transportation solutions.”

The new brand, according to Renschler, will enhance the company’s ability to attract new talent in an era of increasing freight volumes, higher emission standards and customer demand for competitive solutions. 

Part of the strategy, the company reports, is to reinvent its role in transportation for future generations by combining the agility and spirit of a start-up while leveraging the experience and legacy of its traditional brands.

Hans-Dieter Pötsch, Head of Volkswagen Truck & Bus’ Supervisory Board said the rebrand coincided with the Group’s move towards a distinct identity.

“This will reinforce our truck business on their way to capital market readiness.”

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