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Volvo fire and emergency FMX unveiled at AFAC

Commercial vehicle manufacturer, Volvo Group Australia, showcased its FMX 4x2, spec’d for metropolitan emergency services, at the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) exhibition in Perth.

“The new Volvo FMX is a complement to Volvo Trucks’ engineering and manufacturing ingenuity which will help emergency providers respond to the challenges they face every day,” said Volvo Group Australia State and Federal Sales Vice President, Jon McLean.

“The demands placed upon our emergency services are extreme - absolutely a matter of life and death - and this creates a real necessity to meet the exacting needs of fire and emergency services, which vary from state to state.

“At Volvo Group Australia we work with our customers to develop trucks that are designed and manufactured to meet their individual and unique requirements.

“The Volvo FMX 4x2 is equipped with Volvo’s innovative safety systems and technologies that take safety to the next level such as adaptive cruise control, energy absorbing safety cab and Volvo Dynamic Steering, to name just a few,” he said.

AFAC is the largest event specific to emergency services in the Southern Hemisphere and this year’s conference hosted over 200 exhibitors and more than 3,400 attendees.

“Australia has some of the harshest driving conditions in the world, particularly where our emergency services are involved, and we know that when a Volvo truck is designed to work here, it can work anywhere,” said Mclean.  “Our message at AFAC was centred around ‘the power of knowledge’, which highlights how Volvo Group Australia drives innovation and change both as a manufacturer in our industry and the industries we support, including the emergency services.”

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