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WA opposition proposes Roe 8 highway extension truck levy

A commercial vehicle levy for the Roe 8 highway extension in Perth has been proposed by state opposition in Western Australian despite it denying claims such plans would also encompass passenger vehicles.

Abandoned in 2017 when the Government came to power the project would see, under a Liberal Government, a levy introduced for the heavy haulage industry who would be one of the major beneficiaries in productivity gains should extensions go ahead on Roe 8 and Roe 9.

Opposition leader Liz Harvey distanced herself from a commuter toll.

"74,000 cars and 7000 trucks a year would be removed from local roads and significantly improve road safety and congestion if this project goes ahead," she said.

Harvey said the project would create 10,000 jobs as the federal government was still willing to allocate funds of $1.2 billion for the highway extension.

WA Premier Mark McGowan, however, opposed tolls, which at present do not exist in Western Australia.

"Once you put it in place on a truck, an easy revenue raising measure is to put it in place on cars and that's exactly what would happen," he said.

"If you go and Google the definition, a toll is the same as a levy ... so they're going to open the floodgates to tolls in WA."

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