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Wabco announces new deal in India as it relaxes restrictions on vehicle mass limits

Belgium-based technology company Wabco Holdings has reached an agreement with Indian manufacturer Tata Motors to supply hydraulic power steering systems on its heavy-duty trucks.

It’s Wabco’s first major steering deal in India and follows its September 2017 acquisition of US-based RH Sheppard, an industry-leading supplier of steering technologies for commercial vehicles.

As the Indian government looks certain to bring in new increases in axle load and gross vehicle weight later this year, Wabco is looking to meet the power-steering performance requirements of Tata Motors by supplying its M110 heavy-duty hydraulic power steering gears and assemblies.

New regulations on gross vehicle mass restrictions are expected to increase by up to 25 per cent bringing India in line with other developed nations.

Under current legislation, two-axle trucks are permitted to carry a maximum load of 16.2 tonne, including the vehicle’s weight. The Times of India has reported that this limit will be raised to 19 tonne with a nine per cent increase per each additional axle.

The deal confirms Wabco’s dedication to expand its steering business beyond the United States the company said in a statement. According to Jorge Solis, President Wabco Truck, Bus & Car OEM Division, the agreement was an example of the company’s ability to globalise its technology portfolio.

“This landmark steering technology agreement with Tata Motors in India is another example of Wabco’s powerful ability to globalise our rich technology portfolio,” he said.

“Further augmenting our advanced driver assistance and braking systems with our industry-leading steering capability makes Wabco uniquely placed to serve OEMs in every market.”

The steering system Wabco will supply to Tata Motors is considered by the company as a key component in its goal to develop autonomous trucks.

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