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Wabco partners with Hino Trucks

Belgium-based technology company, Wabco, has entered a strategic partnership with US-based commercial vehicle manufacturer, Hino Trucks.

According to the agreement, Wabco will provide its latest generation braking control technology and a range of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for Hino Trucks’ forthcoming heavy duty truck debut in North America.

Wabco will reportedly furnish Hino Trucks with a range of technologies from its portfolio of industry-leading safety and vehicle control technologies to support Hino’s all-new XL Series line of Class 7 and 8 heavy-duty trucks which will begin series production in early 2019. These include Wabco’s modular braking system platform, mBSP, to enable anti-lock braking (ABS), ESCsmart Electronic Stability Control and products from its suite of ADAS technologies.

Hino will offer its new XL7 and XL8 trucks with Wabco’s OnGuardACTIVE collision mitigation system onboard. With powerfully differentiating performance, particularly in low visibility conditions, OnGuardACTIVE assists truck drivers to recognise and respond to potentially dangerous traffic or weather conditions that could lead to a rear-end collision with moving or stationary vehicles ahead. This radar-only system provides acoustic, visual and haptic alerts to prompt the driver’s response to imminent collisions. If the driver does not take corrective action, OnGuardACTIVE can autonomously apply the brakes and can bring the vehicle to a complete stop.

Hino will also offer this range of heavy duty trucks with Wabco’s OnLaneALERT Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS). Helping drivers to avoid unintentional lane drifting, the most common accident involving heavy-duty vehicles, OnLaneALERT utilises a forward-looking, windshield-mounted camera to monitor the vehicle’s position within its highway lane. When the system detects the vehicle crossing its driving lane markings without a turn signal having been previously activated, OnLaneALERT provides an audible warning from the side of the vehicle affected. This alert prompts the driver to take corrective action to help prevent potential collisions or road run-offs.

“Wabco’s global technology leadership in the commercial vehicle industry makes it the perfect partner to support our entry to the North American heavy-duty truck segment,” said Hino Trucks North America President and CEO< Yoshinori Noguchi. “As we continue to expand Hino’s presence in the local Class 7 and 8 market, Wabco’s ADAS and innovative modular technologies offer distinct advantages that further differentiate the versatile and stylish Hino XL Series for fleet customers.”

“WABCO’s pioneering ADAS and modular braking system platforms provide significant advantages for global original equipment manufacturers seeking to penetrate new markets,” Wabco President – Americas, Jon Morrison. “We are honoured that Hino has selected Wabco to support the North American launch of its next-generation heavy-duty trucks, underlining our technology leadership and relentless focus on delivering value for our customers wherever they choose to operate.”

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