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Waste Expo to reveal ground breaking electric trucks in Melbourne

A waste truck propelled by battery electric power will debut at Waste Expo Australia in October.

The IVECO ACCO, a diesel-free waste truck with an electric drivetrain from SEA Electric, is an Australia-first joint project involving waste body equipment specialist Superior Pak.

It will be unveiled at the three-day event to be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The two-in-one body incorporates an industrial cage with electric ramp for lifting white goods and heavy items.

A more traditional compactor body at the rear is designed for use on hard waste collections in the City of Casey in Melbourne.

Available to order shortly following the expo, the ACCO is powered by SEA-Drive 180 electric driveline, featuring a 220kWh NMC batteries.

At a gross vehicle mass of up to 23.5 tonne the vehicle is specified to a range of 250 kilometres at a limited top speed of 100 kph.

The truck can be plugged in via a 22kw on-board charger from any three-phase power source.

A full battery charge takes approximately eight hours.

Battery life has been calculated at 3,500 charge cycles, tantamount to 10 years of service at five days a week.

Rob Wrigley, Superior Pak Managing Director, said the local EV program had been propelled by recent success achieved in a similar project in New Zealand, along with an increased interest in Australia for electric commercial vehicles.

“We’ve had a similar electric powered collection vehicle operating in New Zealand for some time now, and the owners are very pleased with the performance,” he said.

“The payback on the vehicle is attractive as is the low operating costs and lower total cost of ownership.”

“So when the idea came to develop a vehicle for Australia we again looked at the IVECO ACCO platform. The ACCO is such an icon of the industry and we’re already extremely familiar working with this platform, so our choice of truck was easy.

“Being locally manufactured was another consideration for us in using the ACCO, as the build process was more streamlined and we could also offer the market a complete, Australian designed and built, turn-key solution,” Rob said.

According to Tony Fairweather, SEA Electric Group Managing Director, refuse collection is an ideal application for electric propulsion trucks.

“These vehicles normally operate on known fixed routes where their travel range can be managed,” he said.

“The work is also ‘back to base’ in nature, meaning that at the end of a route, the vehicle has completed the job and can then be fully charged before the next working day.”

Fairweather added that the ACCO EV provided significant operational efficiencies.

“Although the ACCO EV commands a purchase premium, payback can be achieved in as little as four years,” he said.

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