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Willaton’s Transport tests Iveco International ProStar

Victoria-based company, Willaton’s Transport, participated in an Iveco test and development program, integrating an International ProStar prime mover into its fleet.

Acccording to Iveco, the prime mover joined Willaton’s 70-strong fleet, which was assigned to 34-pallet B-Double work, operating from the company’s Morwell, Victoria, depot to Sydney return, via the Monaro Highway.

International Engineering Manager, Adrian Wright, has said the engineering team had sought to find a difficult route for the truck, to really test the vehicle’s capabilities.

“The trip north from Morwell to Sydney along the Monaro takes in a lot of undulating terrain, the trucks really have to work hard for a lot of the journey,” said Wright. “Data loggers were fitted to the ProStar and periodically checked, providing us with a very accurate and thorough overall evaluation of the truck’s performance. Driver feedback from Willaton’s Transport was also recorded.

“The testing and feedback was extremely positive and prospective buyers of the ProStar should know that all of our extensive pre-launch and ongoing local testing is confirming that the model will perform well in the most demanding of applications,” he said.

Willaton Transport Director and Operations Manager, Bernie Willaton, has said he was impressed with the ProStar’s performance.

“When you have a truck that can integrate into the broader fleet and you don’t hear about it for the whole evaluation period, you know it’s doing really well,” said Willaton.

“90 per cent of the time it was working as a B-double, hauling a range of general freight at about 64 tonnes, it did what it had to do with no fuss – that’s what you want from a truck,” he said.

According to Wright, the truck was well finished and reliable to the smallest detail. “There was not one rattle or squeak in the ProStar and I couldn’t believe how good the electrics were – after six months not one cabin light, head light or instrument cluster light had gone,” he said.

Running with a Cummins 550hp engine and Eaton Roadranger combination, Willaton was reportedly surprised by the ProStar’s fuel efficiency.

“The telematics data was indicating an average fuel performance of 1.9 litres per kilometre and we run our trucks at the 100 kilometres per hour speed limit, not under,” he said. “I was very impressed with how little fuel it used, there’s a lot to be said about the ProStar’s aerodynamics.”

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