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Wine Industry Day prompts compliance reminder for 2019 harvest

Grapegrowers and wine producers, together with carriers, harvest operators and drivers, must ensure they take all reasonable steps to comply with the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws.

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Manager Stakeholder Relations and Customer Experience, John Gilbert, said a recent Wine Industry Day in South Australia was an important opportunity for grape growers to understand their obligations under CoR legislation.

“Grapes spilling off the back of heavy vehicles can make our roads slippery and dangerous for other motorists,” said Gilbert. “A safe industry is a productive industry. By following CoR obligations, we can significantly reduce potential economic losses from spillage while keeping all road users safe.”

Gilbert said it was great to see the South Australian Wine Industry Association proactively working with the regulator to improve safety on the roads.

“The session covered relevant obligations under CoR legislation, issues around load restraint and preventing spillage, and general on-road safety,” said Gilbert. “I want to encourage all producers, growers and transporters to continue working with us to ensure compliance across the industry.”

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