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WiseTech continues acquisition spree

Sydney-based logistics software provider, WiseTech Global, is on an acquisition spree, buying another two companies in the last week.

This week, WiseTech has acquired CMS Transport Systems, a provider of integrated road transport and logistics management systems across Australia and New Zealand, and Prolink, a customs and forwarding compliance solutions provider in Taiwan.

CMS provides its flagship Transport Management System (TMS), Freight 2020, to over 130 corporations including ABC Transport, SRT Logistics, McColls Transport, Richers Transport, Cahill Transport, Secon Freight Logistics, K&S Group, Greyhound Freight, John L Pierce Transport and many large road and freight transport houses in Australia and New Zealand.

“With the explosion in e-commerce driving exponential growth in ‘last mile’ transport volumes, speed and complexity, the mounting margin pressures, regulatory burden and demand for land transport logistics services requires deep integration, automation and order-of-magnitude increases in productivity to address the challenges,” said WiseTech Global CEO, Richard White.

“WiseTech Global has been investing research and development resources into machine learning, natural language processing, robotic process automation and guided decision tools. We will be working with the talented CMS team and our customers as we progress our Land Transport and integrated Telematics development pipeline for the next generation of road and freight solutions.”

“As with our targeted acquisitions in Germany, Italy, Brazil and Taiwan earlier this year, and our recent Digerati transaction, bringing CMS into the WiseTech group accelerates our ability to improve the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of logistics solutions for our customers to better manage complexity, growth, costs and regulatory burden.

"Each new geography and adjacency we acquire adds a valuable point on our strategic map, accelerates the network effects and makes CargoWise One even more compelling to local and global logistics providers and their customers.”

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