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XRS: the future of UHF

A new Australian-made radio platform from GME, the XRS Series, offers adaptable and rugged in-cab technology for truck operators. This new generation of connected UHF CB radios allows access to the entire Australian and New Zealand registered analogue frequency database with the added advantage of app control.

arine electronics and radio communications company, GME, has supplied products and services in use by State Emergency, Fire, Ambulance and Highway Patrols for 50 years. In the 1990s GME launched the TX4000 series of mobile radios, a game-changer in the market of Australian UHF radios. Today GME telemetry and data radio equipment, according to the company, is introducing new levels of efficiency in farming, viticulture and now commercial road transport.

Any improvement made to the driver experience, no matter how incremental, has the potential to increase performance, by virtue of providing the operator a better way in which to do their job. In the bigger scheme of the supply chain, transport companies know that those elusive one per cent gains in efficiency add up over time. Telecommunication technology is a domain of increasing importance to commercial vehicle operators who repeat long hours across demanding schedules often on long haul in remote locations. In the world of in-cab radio technology XRS Connect Location Services, one of the new features of the XRS Series from GME, offers with each transmission the facility of reception, display and sending a GPS location.

This new level of connectivity through Bluetooth Smart technology can engage a smartphone or a tablet device. For truckers it means being able to maintain updates and continuity of contact with home base and other drivers despite being hundreds of kilometres removed from the nearest town.

Software is upgradable via the apps, so that users are always up to date with the latest features and technology. The user, choosing from either pre-defined or user-defined statuses, can send, receive and display a short text ‘status’ on the tail of transmissions.

Missing transmissions, an issue for operators who are in and out of the cabin all day and drivers plagued by noisy cabins, is a thing of the past. As part of the most recent update made to XRS, all voice transmissions received from other radios can be recorded through the XRS Connect Voice Playback, one of the brand new features available for the XRS Connect range of UHF CB Radios. The first 30 seconds of each received transmission is recorded and stored by the XRS Connect Voice Playback. It offers a total recording time of 12 minutes and is available in every XRS model through XRS Connect and XRS Location Services apps.

The XRS Connect range features a professional grade speaker microphone with a 2-watt speaker. All buttons are customisable. The high contrast OLED screen, what’s more, has anti-glare display.

GME has confirmed it is committed to releasing a minimum of one new upgrade for XRS every year. This will ensure, according to the company, its users will always have access to the latest technology available.

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