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ZF presents new telematics system

Two major global organisations, ZF and Intel, have jointly developed and implemented a fleet telematics system which can be integrated to support multiple applications. The Openmatics system simplifies vehicle-to-base communications with the components designed to be as open and independent as possible, removing the need for vehicles to be fitted with multiple hardware boxes and antennae for different tasks.

A single hardware unit is fitted to the vehicle and is connected to a web-based portal via the 3G or GPRS phone networks. This system is well suited to fleets containing a diverse range of makes and models, according to ZF. The system relays any applicable parameter (time, speed, location etc) to a standardised readout back at the depot or office. 

ZF Australia’s Jonathan Hoyle stressed that the Openmatics system can be fitted to any commercial vehicle – not just those already equipped with ZF components such as their transmissions. The Openmatics system can be equipped with different applications, including an “All Vehicles Overview” which shows the position and current status of the vehicles on a web-based map, which assists fleet managers in scheduling and tracking vehicles.

Meanwhile, the “Work Report” application evaluates the different operating states of the vehicle and distinguishes between travel, standstill with engine running and standstill with engine off. While the basic functions are included with the initial unit, additional applications for the telematics platform are available in an “App Store” and offers many modules which users can install to their individual fleet’s requirements.

“With the appropriate ‘apps’ the Openmatics system can monitor fuel consumption and even identify the gentle drivers”, said Jonathan Hoyle. An Openmatics bus version was launched in Australia in July, with a truck system to be available by September.

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