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  • Test Drive: MAN TGX 26.580

    Test Drive: MAN TGX 26.580

    From a stylish and modern appearance to a muscly yet refined powertrain package, the MAN TGX 26.580 has all the elements expected of a proficient line-haul B-double prime mover. A run from Brisbane to Warwick returning via Toowoomba proved the point.

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  • Test Drive: Volvo I-Shift Transmission

    Test Drive: Volvo I-Shift Transmission

    The term smoothness can be applied to many things, from razor blades to the human voice, and seldom seems to be associated with a commercial vehicle. Volvo’s dual clutch transmission adds another dimension to the term with the remarkable performance available from this development of the I-Shift transmission.

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  • Test Drive: Fuso Super Great

    Test Drive: Fuso Super Great

    The Fuso Super Great was released in Japan in 2017 and is currently undergoing local trials prior to production models becoming available here later this year. ‘Project Black Panther’ is already going a long way to making sure the replacement for the current generation Fuso Heavy will be fit for local purposes.

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  • Test Drive: MAN TGX

    Test Drive: MAN TGX

    Seamless integration of its multiple electronic systems is just one of the many features of the current MAN TGX models. Long steep climbs and descents undertaken during very hot weather show just how good the MAN is with its torquey engine’s delivery enhanced by a new transmission.

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  • Winter is coming

    Winter is coming

    In their ‘winter soldier’ camouflage livery two Freightliner Cascadia prime movers are already clocking up the miles on Australian roads and signal that a significant change is coming soon to the local heavy duty market.

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  • A push in the right direction

    A push in the right direction

    Designed and engineered in Australia the 6x2 version of the Hino 500 GH is all about practicality and flexibility.

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  • On the road again

    On the road again

    Scania’s New truck Generation arrives with the latest technologies and driveline improvements. Prime Mover looks at its support systems while negotiating the challenging conditions of Queensland’s bruce highway.

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  • Test Drive: Freightliner Coronado 114

    Test Drive: Freightliner Coronado 114

    The Performance-Based Standards program has been a true stimulus for innovation in the Australian road transport industry particularly in the bulk materials space. While the focus is often on the trailers, truck manufacturers are also key to the development of efficient combinations.

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  • The ninja with the heart of a viking

    The ninja with the heart of a viking

    UD Trucks have made it no secret that their aim is to be the best Japanese truck available on the Australian market and have incorporated Japanese manufacturing expertise with European influences that extend beyond the Volvo based driveline.

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  • More than a name change

    More than a name change

    With Iveco taking on the Australian distribution rights of the International branded ProStar from the American Navistar manufacturer a familiar name is returning to Australian roads. Just as the vehicles that were sold here as Cat Trucks had some differentiation from the Navistar product upon which they were based, the International ProStar is a different animal altogether.

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  • Generational change

    Generational change

    Incorporating the very long list of improvements in Scania’s new ‘New Generation Truck’ range has only been possible with a generational change, rather than with limited updates every few years.

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  • Performance with style

    Performance with style

    The 500–550hp segment is one of the most populous in the Australian heavy truck market. Prime movers need to be capable of handling B-double tasks, yet not be over-spec’d (or overpriced) for single trailer applications. A Sydney-to-Melbourne trip in a 2653 Mercedes-Benz Actros with a single trailer hooked up confirms Daimler Trucks has read the Australia market well.

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