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  • UD Quon

    UD Quon

    The new 11-litre engine for the heavy-duty range of UD Trucks is now in the country and Prime Mover took the chance to drive two of the models across the Nullarbor.

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  • Fuso FK

    Fuso FK

    The addition of an Allison automatic transmission to Fuso’s FK Fighter model is supposed to make for a smooth ride for the driver. Prime Mover hit the road around southeast Queensland to see if it can deliver on the promise.

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  • Isuzu Twin Steer

    Isuzu Twin Steer

    After an extremely long wait the Australian market is now being offered a twin steer truck by Isuzu. Prime Mover checked out the new truck in an agitator specification to see if it was worth the patience.

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  • Coronado 114

    Coronado 114

    The Coronado 114 is finally on our roads and creating interest in the trucking industry. Prime Mover took one for a spin in Victoria.

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  • Fuso Eco Hybrid

    Fuso Eco Hybrid

    Every new model fitted with hybrid power is an improvement on the last. Prime Mover takes the latest hybrid from Fuso for a test drive to see how it performs.

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  • Isuzu FRR 500

    Isuzu FRR 500

    A medium-duty factory tipper is traditionally a very basic truck, but time is about to change, as Tim Giles experienced when testing Isuzu’s new FRR 500.

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  • Scania P Series

    Scania P Series

    To handle urban distribution work, you can either give a semi-retired line haul truck a fresh lease on life or use a specially designed vehicle instead. Scania’s P Series prime mover is one such specialised solution. Prime Mover took it for a ride.

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  • Test Drive 2012 in review

    Test Drive 2012 in review

    Reviewing the Prime Mover truck test drives over the last 12 months can give us an insight into the technology and truck design we can expect to see in the near future. Prime Mover has taken a close look at what we have seen and what we can expect to see.

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  • Isuzu FY Series

    Isuzu FY Series

    After a prolonged wait, Isuzu has finally unveiled a twin steer truck for the Australian market, filling a long-term gap in the brand line up. Prime Mover had a chance to check out the new model and the new load sharing suspension first-hand.

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  • Mercedes-Benz Actros

    Mercedes-Benz Actros

    The level of electronic safety systems available in trucks continues to rise. Prime Mover takes a drive in a Mercedes-Benz demonstrating all of the new technology.

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  • Scania P 320

    Scania P 320

    Urban distribution is a market sector dominated by Japanese trucks, but Scania has now introduced a new model to try and get a foothold in the market. Prime Mover takes the new P 320 around the streets of Melbourne.

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  • Cat CT 630 LS

    Cat CT 630 LS

    With the release of a new Cat Truck model featuring a large factory-built sleeper cabin, the new kid on the block is starting to establish both brand and model range. Prime Mover takes the new Cat CT 630 LS hauling a road train from Alice Springs to Adelaide.

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