Centurion unveils first electric truck

Leading transport and logistics provider Centurion has deployed its first electric truck in partnership with BHP.

SafeWork NSW promotes delivery vehicle compliance in lead up to Christmas

Safer working practices around vehicles being loaded, unloaded and working during the Christmas delivery rush is being promoted by SafeWork …

KTrans acknowledged with safety award

Western Australian transport carrier, KTrans has received an award for its state-of-the art facility in Kenwick.

Healthy Heads launches industry recognition campaign

Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds Foundation (HHTS) is marking the end of another challenging year by raising public awareness …

UN adopts first binding regulation for level 3 autonomous trucks

An amendment to the United Nations Regulation on Automated Lane Keeping Systems (ALKS) has been adopted by the World Forum …

Test Drive

Torque Sense

It’s been little more than two years since the Fuso Shogun made its Australian debut on the Daimler Trucks stand …

Mixed Blessings

Since its introduction in Japan in 2017 the UD Quon has helped redefine the expectations of Japanese trucks.

Hard Eight

Since becoming available in Australia the Mack Anthem has been demonstrating its versatility in a wide variety of situations ranging …

Silence is Golden

The eCanter is a result of the combined global engineering expertise of its Daimler Group parentage. For the Australian market …
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I’ve seen my fair share of accidents involving vehicles and trucks,” says veteran journalist and communications expert Kim Skubris.

Settling Scores

Driver safety remains one of the biggest challenges across Australia’s transport and logistics industry.

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Culture and Technology Drive Innovation

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Doctor of Diagnostics

Early in his career Gus Belanszky was a plant mechanic with a specialisation in road making equipment such as asphalt …

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“You never run out of road in WA,” Hannah Hughes explains when asked about her favourite place in Australia.

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Little more than 12 months into the job as Penske Australia Managing Director, Hamish Christie-Johnston became the Managing Director of …