ALC to continue close collaboration with National Cabinet in 2021

The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) has welcomed moves recommended by the National Federation Reform Council (NFRC) to reduce red tape surrounding plans for a national reopening.

Last week the NFRC released a statement promoting the success of Australia’s health and economic position at the close of 2020 with a key focus on significantly reducing bureaucracy by making minister meetings more agile and responsive.

The statement has been endorsed by the ALC as it looks to improving the approval processes for major infrastructure projects.

Moving forward the ALC keep industry involved early in the consultation process

“In 2021, ALC will push for closer industry and government consultation built off the COVID response. Governments and industry worked closely to ensure freight moved efficiently across state borders while confronting and controlling the spread of COVID-19,” said Kirk Coningham ALC CEO.

The partnership between industry and governments in delivering smart solutions to problems and real time responses to opportunites had gathered momentum Coningham urged must be maintained.

“This will include developing policy and infrastructure to support rapid advances in technology from automation and electric freight vehicles to data capture and analysis,” he said.

“The data piece, including adoption of a single freight data standard and a national data hub, is crucial. Strong data leads to better policy and infrastructure choices including in urban planning and with the long-term preservation of freight lands and corridors.

“The City of Canning is already partnering with local supply chain companies to capture real time data on truck movements to better understand, and then fix, slow points in the system. The way of the immediate future.”

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