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SA Govt supports EV investment

The Electric Vehicle Action Plan shows the progress government can make and will help drive the state into a zero-emission future according to the Electric Vehicle Council.

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Sunshine State

The story of Followmont Transport is one of palpable family values, proactive market agility and ongoing loyalties to both customers and staff. It should come as no surprise that its personnel, now over 850 and counting, is bolstered by many long serving employees some of which are 20-year servants.

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Best of Both Worlds

Born out of the necessities of war, four wheel drive vehicles for a long time bore a reputation for being uncomfortable, difficult to drive and severely compromised in their on-road performances due to the requirements of their all-terrain applications taking precedence over more genteel activities.

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More Zoom

The initial line-up of dual cab models of the 2021 Brand-New Mazda BT-50 range became available in Australia in October.

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DHL Express prepares for peak trade

Online shopping and the effects of COVID-19 will, according to DHL, result in higher volumes and an earlier start to the peak season.

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