William Craske

Rock Bottom Riser

For the few of us who have just gotten our heads around the concept of hydrogen fuel cell electricity generation, the Geelong Energy Hub’s announcement that it would have a service station ready for the technology as early as 2023, advances Baudrillard’s assertion that a theory, whatever the layers of its analysis, must be an event in the universe it describes. Read more

The Leftovers

They gathered on a frigid Sunday morning, 23 January, at a weigh scale in Delta on the outskirts of Vancouver. Read more

Harvest Moon

For anyone doubting our long-abused just-in-time model employed for shipping has finally run aground there’s fresh evidence at hand. Read more

Follow the Money

Industry often circles its wagons around its pet projects, political causes and interests to remind itself, as much as anyone, of its relevance. Read more

Wages of Fear

Disruptions under the ongoing imprimatur of COVID regulations are a way of life for many heavy vehicle operators and transport companies. Read more

Simulacra and Simulation

“That which has been done well has been done quickly enough,” is a quote, according to Roman historian Suetonius, attributed to Caesar Augustus. Read more

In the Loop

It came as a shock ousting. Although it was no incident in isolation. In Canberra there was a new Deputy Prime Minister who doubled as the Minister for Transport. Read more

Community Cards

Reliability is a term often heard used in the road transport industry. Read more

Safety in Numbers

It was around 2007 that driver distraction as a road safety issue leapt into our loungerooms courtesy of the Transport Accident Commission. Read more


A glance back at the last Brisbane Truck Show is instructive for a host of reasons not in the least on how different the recognisable present world is from the one which now exists in memory only. Read more