William Craske

Wages of Fear

Disruptions under the ongoing imprimatur of COVID regulations are a way of life for many heavy vehicle operators and transport companies. Read more

Simulacra and Simulation

“That which has been done well has been done quickly enough,” is a quote, according to Roman historian Suetonius, attributed to Caesar Augustus. Read more

Community Cards

Reliability is a term often heard used in the road transport industry. Read more

Safety in Numbers

It was around 2007 that driver distraction as a road safety issue leapt into our loungerooms courtesy of the Transport Accident Commission. Read more


A glance back at the last Brisbane Truck Show is instructive for a host of reasons not in the least on how different the recognisable present world is from the one which now exists in memory only. Read more

Let’s Get Physical

It’s in this physical reality we have developed key diagnostic human behaviours such as tool making, symbolic expression and language. Read more

Sink or Swim

The new Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership signed by Australia and other Asia-Pacific countries is not expected to help alleviate high volume demand on trade which is forecast to continue escalating beyond 2021. Read more

Declaration of Co-Dependence

Truckmaker members of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) have pledged to phase out traditional combustion engines as they renew commitments to hydrogen, battery technology and clean fuels. Read more

Courting Disaster

What best characterised the past year for one of the hardest working industries in the country was the long due recognition commercial road transport received in the public domain. Read more

Not Too Distant

Maybe it was the threat of fuel shortages earlier in the year. Read more