William Craske

Relative Values

If we’re to pretend, for a moment, that anyone in the political and punditry classes, is uniquely suited to the historic moment we currently find ourselves in, it might also be worthwhile asking ourselves, as an entire populace voluntarily enters house arrest, how it is that they came to understand the proper value of things. Read more

Miracle Cures

When we look back at the historical record, last month might be remembered for many things not in the least the buying storm that ensued when panicked consumers doubled down on toilet paper. Read more

Ends and Means

It’s true the unknowns outweigh the knowns in the pandemic 2019nCoV, more commonly referred to as the coronavirus, in which an entire province has been placed in quarantine or “sacrificed to save the world” as news site Bloomberg has chosen to slant it. Read more

Last Action Heroes

No string of superlatives can do justice to the brave volunteers who have been battling blazes across the country, some of whom have been at it since October. Read more