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Wheels of Fortune

In spite of a decidedly lacklustre year on a number of fronts, the uptake of Performance-Based Standards (PBS) by a broad cross section of the trucking industry has continued unabated as operators seek out ways to improve productivity and efficiency. Read more

Welcome to COVID normal

Governments and industry came together during the COVID-19 crisis in ways that few could have ever imagined let alone predicted. Read more

Ready to Rumble

In such an unconventional year for original equipment manufacturers, Daimler Truck & Bus Australia Pacific, despite inherent challenges in the market, has delivered a product offering as compelling as any. Read more

Star Power

Of the three premier American truck brands Turps Tippers operates, Western Star comprises nearly half the fleet. Read more

Where to next for PBS?

The Performance Based Standards (PBS) scheme continues to go from strength to strength. Read more