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The Burn Ultimatum

Let’s face it, with the latest Euro 6 and forthcoming Euro 7 compliant diesel engines featuring supremely advanced technology that essentially turns them into giant vacuum cleaners, releasing exhaust with fewer particulates into the atmosphere than the air they take in, the last bastion of purity that can be conquered is eliminating carbon emissions. Read more

Port of Brisbane appoints CEO

Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) Chairman, Guy Cowan, has announced the appointment of Neil Stephens as Chief Executive Officer for Port of Brisbane. Read more

Practical Magic

Specifically designed and engineered for the collection and disposal of various liquids and debris, vac trucks as they are commonly known, have been instrumental in changing the way many excavation projects such as trenching and under road boring are being performed across Australia. Read more

Qube partners with UNIQ You

Qube has announced a partnership with UNIQ You to promote industry opportunities where women are under represented. Read more

TAS Police issue load security warning

Police in Tasmania are reminding all motorists to never hit the roads with an unsecured load, after a close call on the state’s Midland Highway earlier today. Read more