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International announces demise of ProStar

IVECO Trucks Australia has been advised by Navistar Inc, manufacturer of InternationalTrucks, that it will cease global production of the ProStar range. Read more

Highway Kind

The Sopranos is a show about how therapy is no viable substitute for effective policing. Read more

O’Connor Haulage invests in Euro 6 DAF CF 530

O’Connor Haulage, a Sydney-based carrier, is already seeing a return on investment from the latest Euro 6 DAF CF 530s now operational on linehaul deliveries for a major client. Read more

Outer Dark

I was first made aware that Victorians were commonly referred to as Mexicans in New York, of all places, while watching Game 3 of the 2009 World Series. Read more

Around these Parts

At present NAPA Auto Parts is considered the world’s largest supplier of automotive parts and accessories with more than 6,000 Auto Parts stores and 57 distribution centres throughout North America. Read more

Building Bridges

Our leap year on the Gregorian calendar, has been one, as they say, for the books. Read more

The Fifth Element

Efficiency and ease of operation remain primary considerations for heavy vehicle operators whose tasks are many and enduring in a society so currently reliant on their safe arrivals and departures. Read more