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Centurion adapts to extreme lockdowns around Perth

Leading logistics and transport company, Centurion, will continue to operate with heightened awareness of the risks associated with COVID-19 during the current lockdown measures imposed on residents and businesses in Perth and its surrounding areas. Read more

Aramex partners with NRL team

Franchise partners of Aramex Australia will receive a significant boost following its announcement last week it had become the premier sponsor of the Cronulla Sharks. Read more

Euro Vision

For lack of any real rail infrastructure in Canberra, the task of the domestic supply chain to deliver goods in and out of the nation’s capital, for the better part of five decades, has fallen on commercial road transport. Read more

Making Every Moment Count

The Croner name is derived from ‘Chronos’, the god of time in Greek mythology and fits well with UD’s positional phrase of ‘making every moment count’ in reference to on-road efficiency and maximised uptime. Read more

Expanding Horizons

It was around 2006, while completing due diligence on a Toll Holdings project that CTFD CEO David Cameron learned that leading trailer builders Mick and Paul Vawdrey were considering an expansion into Western Sydney. Read more

Break on Through

Since its Australian debut in 2008 the D-Max has undergone a significant evolution which resulted in the second-generation vehicles coming very close to, but not quite matching, the lofty credentials of the long-running ‘big two’ in the current dual cab ute crop. Read more