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As Managing Editor of Prime Creative’s CRT media stable, Sebastian Grote can draw on more than 15 years of experience in the media industry; working in print, television and online journalism in Germany, Sweden and Australia. Holding a Master’s Degree in journalism, Sebastian won the 2015 Australian Freight Industry ‘Young Achiever of the Year’ Award.

    • Safety in advertising

      Editor's View

      Safety in advertising

      August 2013

      There are continual calls for trucking in Australia to raise the safety bar, despite the fact statistics proves the industry has never been better when it comes to addressing the issue. Unfortunately, little recognition is afforded when we do things right, and even less recognisance of some of the strange antics exhibited in television advertisements by car manufacturers.

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    • Rates squeeze continues

      Editor's View

      Rates squeeze continues

      July 2013

      Recently this editorial page featured the problems encountered by operators attempting to increase freight rates, highlighting the fact customers are putting transport companies under increasing pressure to charges as they try to raise profit margins - but now a new threat has entered the fray.

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    • Productivity increasingly important

      Editor's View

      Productivity increasingly important

      June 2013

      One cannot understate the importance of promoting productivity in the road transport industry and the real need to bring high productivity vehicles into play to meet increasing transport demands and streamline efficiencies.

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    • Image takes another bashing

      Editor's View

      Image takes another bashing

      May 2013

      Media attention focused on the Australian road transport industry has once again looked at safety and again given trucking operators another bashing, courtesy of Channel 7 program Today Tonight.

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    • Squeeze continues

      Editor's View

      Squeeze continues

      April 2013

      A Melbourne fleet operator recently came straight to the point: “People think we are making squillions and continually try to push our rates lower, but that’s not a possibility. We are not going to entertain that and go broke ourselves,” he said.

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