Border Express triples capacity at new Brisbane facility

Express freight company Border Express has commissioned a new facility at Underwood on Brisbane’s south side with around three times the capacity of its previous premises at Richlands.

Located at a former Australia Post site, the new Border Express facility has been developed to cater for the increased demand for the company’s services, particularly in E-Commerce, across the Sunshine State.

“This certainly is a significant step forward for our Queensland operations, said Border Express CEO, Mostafa Kassaby.

“The new facility is three times the size of our previous site at Richlands and will give us significant leverage in our future planning. It will also enable us to cement our space in the Brisbane and greater Queensland network and maintain the high levels of service for which the company is renowned.”

Kassaby said the old site at Richlands had been outgrown for some time and that the company had been searching for a suitable replacement when the ex-Aus Post site came up for sale.

“We were pleased to be able to secure a site that already had many of the features we wanted including inground fuel tanks, truckwash, office and hardstand space – it accommodated us like a glove,” said Kassaby.

That said, Kassaby noted that the company had spent a considerable sum in redeveloping the site to suit its needs, particularly in relation to the interior of the facility.

“Being in a new facility with room to grow into the future is one important factor, along with improving our service levels through a number of key initiatives in our new service platform.

“We now have the ability to release those new services because we don’t have the capacity constraints. This gives us the capability to grow in the space where we need to grow in Queensland,” said Kassaby.

Reinforcing the comments of Kassaby, Border Express COO, Ozan Kara, said the company has experienced upwards of 50 per cent growth in the last three years and that the new Underwood facility was step one in a three-step infrastructure and expansion project.

“Brisbane was a real bottleneck for us, so the beauty of this facility is that it has tripled our capacity and gives us speed to market and greater access to regional and in particular north Queensland,” said Kara.

“Another thing we’re very proud of is the amount of local jobs that have been created and will continue to be created due to the establishment of our new facility at Underwood; not only throughout the project phase with tradespeople coming in and out but also due to the growth in the business that will create long-term employment opportunities.”

Kara said the company had employed more than 70 additional staff members at the new facility compared with the previous site in positions as diverse as truck driving, freight handling, administration, workshop and truck wash.

On top of this, Kassaby said, there will be opportunities for a raft of subcontractors from a local perspective, using a range of different sized vehicles from one-tonne vans to heavy-rigid trucks.

“Our substantial growth through the Covid period, particularly in E-Commerce, means we will need to fill a significant number of positions in both company-employed and subcontractor roles,” he said.

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